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Intention + Action = Manifestation

Are you a yoga teacher needing help with finding private clients to work with?

Over the years as Emily established her thriving private yoga practice and filled it to capacity with clients, other teachers took notice and often reached out to her for help with learning the mindset and marketing skills necessary to build their own private yoga businesses.

Emily established her business of yoga coaching and mentorship institute offering educational resources, group coaching, and individual coaching programs to yoga teachers worldwide, empowering them with tools to thrive financially and become more impactful as healers.

Emily's approach to helping yoga teachers earn more money doing what they love is simple. She knows that setting intentions and developing the right mindset are key, but useless without clear action and accountability.

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small group coaching


Emily offers group coaching programs multiple times a year, online via Zoom Conference and in person in her hometown in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Curated specifically for yoga teachers wanting to upgrade their career, finances, and lifestyle, Emily's coaching programs cover:

  • How to find and sign up private yoga clients

  • How to set your rates and when to raise them

  • Marketing Skills and business strategy

Contact Emily for more information and to reserve your spot.

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abundant yogi Vip program  

A four month online coaching journey with you and Emily to help you envision, design, and actualize your own private yoga business.

No more burn out. Heal your relationship to money, build a better business model, and enjoy a financially abundant yoga lifestyle doing what you love and changing lives.

Flexible start dates.

More information available upon request.

mentoring testimonials

"Emily has been such a blessing in my life. She has been my greatest guide in manifesting an authentic and lucrative career as a yoga teacher. Each session, she has the most creative and inspiring activities that help me envision my dreams and plan practical actions to make them happen. She is always my go-to when I have any yoga-related questions, as her responses continuously enrich my understanding of any topic. Emily’s energy is so warm and nurturing, in a way that is strong and powerful. She will help you tap into your own inner power so that you too can rise to your highest potential. She is incredibly helpful in creating opportunities out of the bleakest situations. She infuses love, wisdom and integrity into all of her work and leads with her heart." Rachel 

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“I love learning from Emily how to become a full time private yoga instructor. It’s so inspiring! I’ve been working on my business full time and have been going through the process of trusting myself, knowing that I’m worthy, crying, journaling and speaking affirmations. Very few entrepreneurs are as transparent as Emily on the realities of the inner work that’s involved in living life on your own terms. I’m so grateful to learn and grow with Emily’s support.” Jasmine

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“My experience being coached by Emily exceeded my expectations! I had hesitations about working with her as I did not know  her very well beyond her social media presence and being about twice her age I was concerned that we would feel the age gap. However, Emily's younger age and strong handle on social media use turned out to be assets to our coaching relationship. She helped me get clarity around how to increase my income by focusing on private clients. She helped me to see and own my value as a yoga teacher. Emily was very focused, organized, and enthusiastic around helping me to meet the goals we created in working together. The results were SO positive and successful-- I'm now making more money, commuting less, and enjoying more time to myself. Emily was generous with her time and information beyond the weekly call. I always looked forward to our weekly calls and the new energy and insights I experienced afterwards.” Sharon