Building Your Private Yoga Business

Coaching Retreat

may 3rd - 5th , Brooklyn NY

open to 200hr and 500hr+ yoga teachers

June 2018 Building Your Private Yoga Business attendees, celebrating the end of the weekend

June 2018 Building Your Private Yoga Business attendees, celebrating the end of the weekend

do you want to teach private yoga?

are you stuck because you don’t understand how to find clients?

Join yoga teacher and business of yoga coach Emily Sussell and an intimate group of yogis for an immersion in coaching, discussion, and hands-on work to help you find clients and start making great money teaching private yoga lessons. We'll gather in a supportive environment to dive into the business of growing a private yoga practice.

You'll leave with the tools, resources, motivation, and support that you need to start signing up more private yoga clients, selling premium session packages, and living a more aligned life of wellness and abundance.

friday May 3rd 6-9pm

Saturday may 4th 10am-6pm

Sunday may 5th 10am-7pm

what we’ll cover

  • Vision - We'll help you get clear on what your dream and vision is for your private yoga business.

  • Mindset - We'll take a good look into how your unique mindset about money, business, and yoga has been holding you back from having exactly the yoga career you envision. We will build trust within the group throughout the weekend to support you in working through the mental and emotional blocks that are holding you back from your next level of success and abundance.

  • Strategy - We'll dive deep into marketing and advertising and help you create a new business model, pricing, and plan for how you're going to actualize your vision.

  • Sacred Selling - We'll explore and meditate on healing your relationship to money and self worth, the concept of money as a currency of energy exchange, setting and raising rates, and having sales conversations with ease and confidence. We'll work on eliminating the "yuck" feeling of putting a price tag on yoga and your teaching.

Your ticket to the weekend includes

  • Coffee/Tea

  • Two gourmet lunches and one dinner

  • Follow-up individual call and group conference call reunion (accountability held!)

  • Surprises and gifts

Praise for building your private yoga business



“It's been two weeks since working with Emily and I've already picked up two new private clients. This program was brilliantly put together.  It was an amazing experience full of vulnerability, connection, support, and community. Emily is a wonderful and compassionate leader. I think she had a great balance of leading and also allowing for discussion to be had. I walked away confident that I can charge the rates I want to for private yoga. I left knowing that I’m a talented teacher, and that my success with my business is really all about mindset! " - Ellie Aaron

empowered & motivated


“In the weeks leading up to the weekend, I started to get the self-doubt, self-sabotage voice in my head, questioning if this was the best way to spend my money, my weekend, etc. And like most things in life, the moment I walked into Emily’s space, I knew that there was no better place for me to be, than right where I was, surrounded by fellow teachers on similar paths, and supported by Emily, in all of her brightness, boldness and wisdom. By sharing her path, Emily helped me to demystify how someone can carve out space for themselves in the yoga world that is financially lucrative as well as spiritually lucrative. I feel more empowered after the weekend, with a whole new arsenal of information to get me going.”  - Janeen Ritson



$675 before April 1st